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David MENUT – En

Hi, my name is David Menut, I was born on March 13, 1992, in Gueret.

Former professional cyclist in the ranks of Auber 93 or in the Army, I am back to my roots on a Cross bike with the Legendre Cross Team.

3 words to define the Cross Team Legendre :

Determination, Abnegation and Passion

What are your expectations in joining the Team?

Already to be able to raise my level and continue to progress to perform internationally. I also hope to share my experience with the hopes of the team.

I think that the Team can help me to improve myself, but I hope to be able to help them to improve too.

At what age did you start cycling? And how did you get there?

I started at a very young age, I started thanks to my uncle who had opened a club.

I started with mountain biking and then I touched a bit on everything since I joined the performance division.

I started CX as a cadet but I really put the emphasis on Junior with the French Cups, World Cups and my French Champion title. Then I continued to alternate between CX and road, in hope I turned good until I became a pro in the ranks of Aubert 93, I did 3 years in the pros.

I then went back down to the amateurs at the end of the armed team. I took the opportunity to come back to the family club with the Cross, the mountain bike … my old loves!

Your best memory on the bike?

My first Pro race that I won was Paris 3, it was a race that I had dedicated to my grandmother that I had lost a few days before.

I have several of them, of course my title of French Junior Champion in front of future great champions, it’s a title I wasn’t expecting and a great goal accomplished!

And of course my return to CX, the return to my heart discipline with sensations that were coming back and the opportunity to raise my level.

Ta course préférée ?

Of course, the international cyclo-crosses, like the world-cup of Hoogerheide or Zolder, aren’t necessarily crosses on which I have done big performances, but they are circuits on which I like to ride.

A race that I like very much on the road is the Tro Bro Leon, a race that I hope to use this year.

Do you have a nickname in the middle?

No my family and friends call me “Dadou”

Any passions outside of cycling?

I like “good food” and cinema.

I also love nature, it’s important for me to be able to go and recharge my batteries in the forest with or without a bike.

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?

A funny anecdote: I had a course through the Pôle Espoir and we had a few video sessions.

I remember a school case with Steve who was clowning around on the line, François Trarieux now coach of the French CX team explained that even if he was clowning around, 30 seconds before the start he was getting into his bubble to make a good start.

It was a school case and an example and today we are running under the same colours.

Where can we follow you?

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram 🙂

david.menut on Instagram and David Menut on Facebook


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