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The leader in the construction and public works sector in the Greater West and Ile-de-France, Legendre Group is now present in France and abroad through its three main activities: Construction, Real Estate and Energy.

A Rennes-based family business, with more than 2,100 employees and a turnover of €630 million in 2020, it is now focusing its development on geographical sectors where it can export its know-how and demonstrate its added value.

The Legendre Group has enjoyed sustained growth since its creation. Its strength lies in its ability to preserve, throughout its development, the qualities of proximity and independence of a family group built on strong values shared by each employee: rigour, professionalism, involvement, respect for commitments… and which lay the foundations for a different vision of construction.

Vincent LEGENDRE :

“Partner of the Arkéa Samsic road bike team and personally passionate about cycling, the idea of supporting a professional French cyclo-cross team clearly excited me.

This discipline, which is still little publicised in France, has clearly echoed what we are and what we believe in. Cyclo-cross is an extreme, technical and difficult sport for which it is easy to find similarities with the construction industry: working a lot despite the sometimes difficult conditions, showing perseverance, surrounding yourself with the right partners and knowing, by the way, how to seize opportunities.

This strategy has, for the time being, always been successful for us and that is exactly what we wish the Legendre-Chazal team. And then, by supporting this training, we hope to have the chance to see a world champion from the Legendre-Chazal team in the coming years.

The first cyclo-cross world champion in 1951 was French. We would be delighted to see a new ” Roger Rondeaux ” win the championship, in the near future, under the Legendre banner. So you can easily understand it, to sign us up in this adventure was almost an evidence! »


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