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Hi, I’m Lilian, I come from Alsace in the Mulhouse region, I finished my BTS NDRC and I’ve been in the Team for 2 years now.

3 words to define the Cross Team Legendre :

Family, Professional, Fun

What are your expectations in joining the Team?

I think that all together we will really succeed in creating a beautiful synergy and push each other upwards to achieve the best.

At what age did you start cycling? And how did you get there?

I started when I was 5 years old, I saw my father riding in what would become my training club, AC Thann. I quickly wanted to follow him and so he took me a licence in his club.

Your best memory on the bike?

It was as a cadet in the French championship in 2016 in Besançon on my birthday. It was quite rare to have a big race close to home so all my family and friends came to see me.

I wasn’t a favourite at all, I started in the 4th row, encouraged and galvanised by my friends and family I found myself playing for the win and took a 5th place. It was unexpected and a great memory that will always remain engraved.

Your favourite race?

In CX it’s Quelneuc for the circuit but above all for the atmosphere, it’s always impressive to ride in front of so many people and in such an atmosphere with 10 000 people shouting and encouraging us.

On the road, it would be a Paris Roubaix because it’s a mythical race, I’ve already put my wheels on the cobblestones, it’s something I really liked and that corresponds to my characteristics so why not try me on it.

As-tu un surnom dans le milieu ?

Not especially my mates call me Lili, but that’s all.

Any passions outside of cycling?

Yes a lot, I like being in nature, walking … that’s also why I ride my bike.

More generally, I am passionate about sport, which I follow attentively.

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?

I am going to tell you about my arrival in the Team.

I had a rather complicated CX season compared to my results and I had a certain click on the road where I really had more fun and my level was increasing.

Little by little during the races I rode with Steve with whom I shared some nice breaks, the current took well with him, then with Raymond who then trusted me to join the Cross Team Legendre.

Where can we follow you?

You can follow me on Insta@Scheinderlilian9 that’s where I’m most active.


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