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Mickaël CRISPIN – En

Until then Breton, I put my suitcases down in March in the Vosges to get closer to the team and to Swiss Belgium. I studied mechanics to the point of devoting myself 100% to cycling, I am indeed 2019 European Champion of CX U23.

French CX champion in cadet (2013) and vice-world champion in Junior (2015).

Ah and I was born in Martinique!

3 words to define the Cross Team Legendre :

Family, Professionalism, Performance

What are your expectations in joining the Team?

I count on the moral support of the team, the synergies between us and of course the material support.

I’ve been with the Team for several seasons now and I like to see it evolve.

At what age did you start cycling? And how did you get there?

I started around 5 years old, my father rode a lot and I watched with him the Tour de France and the CycloCross on TV. Soon, I wanted to race and to get some race numbers.

Your best memory on the bike?

It’s the European championship, for the title on the one hand and also because it was the consecration of all the sacrifices and hours spent on the bike, a great reward!

Your favourite race?

The race I would like to do is Paris Roubaix, for the beauty of the race, the difficulty as well of course! The challenge of facing the cobblestones.

In cyclo-cross I like Zolder very much, it’s a circuit that I like and that reminds me of my year 2015.

Do you have a nickname in the middle?

Usually people call me Mick’.

Any passions outside of cycling?

I like motocross a lot, I ride quite a lot with my friends but my great passion remains on the bike.

I like to play video games to pass the time, during my rest periods for example.

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?

Last year with Raymond we aimed to score UCI points from the start of the season. So we went to China to run two races in a row. I won doubly since I was able to collect 55 UCI points and I also met my girlfriend with whom I set up in March.

Where can we follow you?

You can follow me on Instagram @MickaelCrispin and on Facebook Mickael Crispin.


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