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Steve CHAINEL – En

Hello everyone, so who am I in a few lines? I am a former professional cyclist, converted by consulting on TV on Eurosport in particular. I am the happy founder of the Cross Team Legendre and today full-time cyclo-crossman.

But above all I am the happy father of 2 wonders.

3 words to define the Cross Team Legendre:

So I’m going to say … : Ambition, Ambiance, Performance I think this suits us well.

When did you start cycling?

I started at the age of 6, by the greatest chance. I was supposed to play football, and one Wednesday I went past a cycling school with a bunch of kids who were bowling.

I liked the idea very much so I asked to try it out… and here’s the result a few years later.

Your best memory on the bike?

My head is full of them! Of course the travels around the world already, but above all the emotions that cycling gives me: the pleasure of raising my arms in case of victory for example. Anecdotes, race facts too.

Finally, I really enjoy talking to our supporters, taking photos… these are great moments we share.

Your favourite race?

So without a doubt the World CX Championships are important dates that punctuate our seasons and our preparation.

Do you have a nickname in the middle?

No… weird isn’t it?!

Do you have any passions outside of cycling?

All sports !!! I’m a sports freak ! But absolutely all sports, even the most crazy ones (snooker, chess…)

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?

I have plenty of them and I even wonder if I wouldn’t write a book to tell the life of a runner?

Where can we follow you?

Follow me on Insta @stevechainel and on Facebook Steve Chainel


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